UFO over Mississauga, Ontario, Canada – July 1993

UFO over Mississauga, Ontario, Canada – July 1993

Case File Information

TBV Investigations Case Number: 666424

Date of Event / Case File: 07/01/1999
Name of Witness: Anonymous

Case File Status: Information Case Only; No Formal Investigation


The following case was submitted to The Black Vault / TBV Investigations. There was no formal investigation to the case, and is offered here for informational purposes.

Witness Testimony

The witness submitted the following testimony:

I was 10 years old, I could never sleep when i should have been so I often looked out my window at night. I had my radio playing, low enough that my parents couldn’t hear me downstairs and I just stared out of my window from time to time when I couldn’t find anything on the three channels available on my TV.

It was a summer night when I was sent to bed and as usual I would occasionally look out the window. One night, I saw a triangular shaped aircraft slowly fly from behind the house into the distance.

I watched it fly, slowly, across the sky until I could no longer see it. It had three lights in each corner of the craft as well as one larger light in the center. I never forgot what I saw and that sparked a life-long fascination with UFOs. I was shocked to learn that in the 80s and mid 90s it was one of the most common UFO sightings during that time.


Information Case Only; No Formal Investigation




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