The following case was submitted to The Black Vault / TBV Investigations on March 2, 2018. It has no formal investigation, and is archived here for reference purposes.

Witness Testimony

The following was submitted by the witness:

“That night the electricity went off at 4:00 am. at 4:40 I decided to turn on the electric generator, and when I was on my way to the backyard to turn it on, I saw a very bright light in the sky. I though It was a planet and kept staring at it. Lo and behold the light began to “dance”. I was hypnotized by this beautiful spectacle, and remembered that I had my phone with me (I was using it as a flashlight). I only captured 15 seconds of the light. What is this? If you have the chance please look at it and let me know what I saw. The noise in the background is my neighbors electric generator (he has it automatic).”

The Evidence

The witness submitted the following video:


This case received no formal investigation.

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