Case File Status: Solved, Astronomical-Star


On 01/16/2019, the witness called the TBV Investigations Hot-Line and requested an investigator contact her so she could report a UFO sighting. The case was assigned to TBV Investigator Jim Kerr for investigation and analysis.

Witness Testimony

On 01/31/2018 at 4:35 pm, I contacted the witness by phone. She stated she couldn’t talk and provided her email address for communication. Multiple times I attempted to contact her by email for her statement and to answer questions. The only response was two emails containing video footage of the UFO she observed.

Additionally, during our initial phone conversation, the witness stated, in essence, her video footage told the entire story. If the witness responds to my email requests for her statement and answered questions, I will add the information to this report.

The Evidence

On 02/02/2019 the witness forwarded the following two videos. Videos were taken on 01/10/2019 at approx 1:18 am.

Warning: Profanity in video.

The Analysis

By Jim Kerr, TBV Investigations.


Maryville, Tennesse, 01/10/2019 at approx 1:18 am. Weather source, Weather Underground.

Temperature 31 degrees, Dew Point 18 degrees, Humidity 59%, Wind 7 mph from the NNW, Precipitation 0.0 inches, Condition Fair.

Astronomical Data

Astronomy                      Day Length     Rise Set


Actual Time 9h 53m            7:47 AM 5:41 PM
Civil Twilight            7:19 AM 6:09 PM
Nautical Twilight            6:47 AM 6:41 PM
Astronomical Twilight            6:16 AM 7:12 PM
Moon: waxing crescent          10:41 AM 9:59 PM


Searching the archives of Stellarium, (a planetarium software that shows exactly what you see when you look up at the stars and the daytime sky), I was able to view exactly what celestial objects were visible to the witness in the sky from witness’ location in Maryville, TN, 01/10/2019 at 1:18 am.

According to the data available on Stellarium, the star Sirius was the brightest object in the witness’ night sky. The moon was not visible, rise 10:41 am, set 9:59 pm. Sirius was located at an approx 200-degree compass reading SSW and approx 45 degrees above the horizon. Sirius, located in the constellation Canis Major, the Greater Dog, is the brightest star in the night sky. It is easy to view in the SE-S-or-SW on evenings from winter to mid-spring. Sirius’ color is blue-white and sometimes called the rainbow star as it flickers with many colors due to viewing through the earth’s atmosphere, especially when it low on the horizon. Sirius is often reported as a UFO.




Video Reference Research

Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky



I have experience as an amateur astronomer, photographer, and videographer, I have spent many years taking video and photos of celestial objects. I have filmed jet aircraft, celestial objects, birds, bugs, helium balloons, lightning storms, cloud formations, stars and more. I have observed the star Sirius on countless occasions and familiar with its appearance, colors, location and the fact it has been misidentified as a UFO.

Based on analyzing the witness’ two submitted videos along with my experience, I can say with 100% certainty the object the witness observed and videoed was a star. Based on the video evidence, the star in the footage has the same rainbow colors as the star Sirius. Sirius was the brightest object in the witness’ night sky and the easiest to video. In my opinion, the star the witness videoed was Sirius. It is also important to note, the star in the footage goes in and out of focus due to the camera hunting for focus.

My conclusion: Astronomical, star

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