Case File Status:
Undetermined Lacks Sufficient Evidence
No Witness Contact


The following case was originally submitted to the Black Vault and was assigned to TBV Investigations Researcher Richard Kidd for analysis.

Witness Testimony

“It was a long time ago.I was standing on the dunes on lake Michigan. Looking eastward. about 4 pm, clear day sunny sky. Brick red rectangle still in the sky over the lighthouse. about 100 ft above the lighthouse, about 100 by 300 ft in size. Had angle beams on the side, looked like circle windows on side. also large rivets and metal pieces of various odd shapes attached. Could not see anything in “windows” and there were no lights or sound. I know what I saw, after watching it sit in the sky for about 20 minutes, I went home. Also remember unusual incidences that happened to me shortly after that.”

The Analysis

Have been waiting for a reply from Gloria regarding her sighting in 1966. As of yet, I have not received any replies to my email and no call back from reporting witness. I am going to send one last email to Gloria and hopefully get a reply back within a couple days. If I do not receive a reply in response to my email, I will conclude with my investigation and submit a final report as to any information I have found connected with her sighting.


Due to the lack of contact of the witness, I am recommending that this case be closed due to lack of evidence.

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