Case File Information

TBV Investigations Case Number: 575750

Date of Event / Case File: 06/29/2008
Name of Witness: Chris

Case File Status: Information Case Only; No Formal Investigation


The following case was submitted to The Black Vault / TBV Investigations on August 15, 2019. There has been no formal investigation.

Witness Testimony

I have been meaning to post my UFO sighting here for a while but never got around to it. I have attached a image that I just put together in Photoshop, it represents the underneath part of the craft that I saw. This thing was right above me, I could have thrown a stone at it and hit it. I did put together a similar image a few years ago but sadly I lost it, it was a much better version than the one I attached. This object was glowing intensely and the light from the craft was spinning around the black spot so fast that it didn’t look like it was spinning at all if that makes sense?

It was like a black hole or vortex,best way I can describe it. Also the light was contained and what I mean is that my vision did not get distorted when looking directly at the orange and white light. Not like when you look at the sun or a light bulb that is shining. Also it was dark outside and the craft did not light up its surroundings like the ground or nearby tree. This craft was in line with the roof of my house as it slowly glided along and lowered itself to where I could now see the top and side of the object.

The top and side was pure white light, no orange light accept for little bits of orange light flickering up the sides from the underneath part. Still I could see no physical part to it but on the side of the craft were two little red lights flashing back and forth from within the white glowing light. The craft eventually glided slowly past my house and then it made a sharp left hand turn, glided across the valley and up over the hillside across the valley from me. It then disappeared into the clouds above that hillside and I lost sight of it.

This all happened in 2008 in the early hours and was still dark outside. The Photoshop image does not do my sighting justice nor does description. It was an amazing life changing experience!

Witness Depiction

The witness submitted the following graphic representation of their sighting. 


Information Case Only; No Formal Investigation.

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