Case File Information

Date of Event / Case File: 07/15/2013
Name of Witness: Anonymous

Rectangle lit box due above far up in the sky like a marker visible and then invisible.

I do not believe this is a typical sighting of a craft but I could be wrong.

I was looking at the sky last night from my glass room on the back of my house and was standing looking out my full glass door which faced east and looking straight up at the night sky stars. It was one of the most visible skies I have seen. The stars seemed to just stand out and I live where there is no lights.

When I looked straight up in the night sky (which would be close to one of the stars in the small dipper) I saw something I don’t think I was suppose to see. I double checked there were no jets in the sky.

I saw a visible rectangle which was fully lit light a bright rectangle lit fully. Not like a shining out of light but a box fully lit with light. It appeared and it did not appear. There was no fading just there and then not there. No movement just in place and seen and then not seen in seconds. I watched and never saw it again.

I have seen UFOs throughout my life in western Maryland and here once but this was not appearing as a vehicle but a marker? There were no planes in the sky and it definitely was not something moving or flying. It looked to me more like something that was in a specific place permanently but not suppose to be visible but some reason it made itself visible or something allowed it to be completely visible for a brief period of time. Since you have to look straight up it would not be something unless you were standing outside and looking directly up in order to see.

It was very far away like a marker above. Since it was not fading in or out but just there and then not there and never was in any kind of movement.

So I will continue to monitor the sky in this part now that I have seen this. I have never heard of anything like this in my readings and wonder if you have ever had anyone report this? I live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland on Deal Island which is Somerset County, Md.

The nearest main town is Salisbury Md.


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