The following was submitted by the witness:

Hi John,
4 of us were at Takhlakh Lake 8 miles west of Mt. Adams on 7/20/17. ECETI is 25 miles south of the mountain for contrast. 2 of us had Luna Optics night vision cameras on tripods with monitors. We both felt oddly antsy and “J” (who would like to remain anonymous) said he thought a UFO would come from the right, hover over the mountain and then descend. He had never said such a thing in the past.

I then said that for a good UFO video to be taken it would have to be just after sunset when to the eye it would be very dark but for our cameras the mountain would still be in plain view. I noticed a bright light over the mountain about 20 degrees in the sky and mentioned it to others and then I noticed it was moving. I had to turn on my monitor and camera plus hit record and by that time the UFO was nearly down. James bypassed the monitor turn on and went straight to the eyepiece and thus got some good footage although slightly shaky due to using the eyepiece.

We did not notice the 2nd UFO to the right until seeing the video and its descending on the same trajectory at the same speed. The ISS was not in the sky at the time according to Heaven’s Above. The time was between 9:30 and 10:00 PM. The time stamp on the video is the factory setting since setting the time on a Luna is a pain and most people don’t do it. 

James has made a rather stunning video for YouTube with his own music and photos. The airplane segment was captured a few minutes before the UFO footage and shows the contrast in size of a large plane and this huge light. I believe the light is pulsating at times but its difficult to tell with the slight camera movement. Thanks, John. —Tom Sanger Tucson, Az.

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