UFO / Mothership over Tijuana, Mexico

Case File Information

Date of Event / Case File: 12/25/2011

Eyewitness Information

Case information taken from the YouTube description. No other information is available.  Note: Spelling was corrected


01. Time of day it was filmed.
02. Exact location in Mexico City / Tijuana (as they are 1,430 miles apart from each other) … it’s either one city or the other.
03. Type of camera used.
04. Why you have so many of these particular videos on your YouTube Channel?


1 – 3:10 at 5.30 PM 25/ 12/ 11
2 – Tijuana B.C mexico
4 – it is the same object in my area that been coming to this point, and Record 4 times, among others different ufos



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