Case File Information

Date of Event / Case File: 11/17/2013
Name of Witness: Anonymous

Sunday night the 17th of November 11pm, that night the Jet stream was over Oregon High winds, rain heavy at times with broken clouds and moon light parcel to good.

We have a window above the gas fire place it makes for excellent star gazing, decided to check it out after five minutes I observed a object moving west very slow against the high winds a slight glow on the craft from the moon light made it stand out between the fast moving clouds and the craft was at a slight tilt maybe 20 degrees back then it stopped it looked like it was swinging left to right kind of hovering.

I watched it for about two minutes or so, then two clear lights on the back flashed two times then it was blocked by clouds. stayed watching for quite some time hopping I would see it again no such luck.

Dallas, Oregon, USA. 40miles east of Lincoln City the pacific Ocean.

Size of the object maybe 80feet across x 60feet diamond shape.

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