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I had a UFO experience in 1983 or 1984. I will never forget it . I was working at whirlpool in MARION Ohio living with my parents in the country in Edison Ohio. I drove an old white truck that had tool bins all around it. I worked second shift and I was driving home the back roads on MARION Edison road. It was summer time and the sky was full of stars. A very warm beautiful night. I love looking at the stars. I was about to turn on my road Canaan road 60 but I decided to drive around the block to road 28 I was hoping to see a falling star.

To my amazement I seen a falling star coming towards me and at the same time. My truck died the lights and radio turned off and I was sitting on road 60 aways away between two houses. The time was around 1230 am. Anyways here comes the star towards me and I thought what’s gonna happen when it hits my truck because it wouldn’t start. I was so scared. But when it got two feet above the hood in front of me it stopped mid air.

I knew then it wasn’t a star. It was silent and so bright I could barely look at it. It zig-zagged so fast and moved up an down an side to side very fast I could barely keep track of it. Well I just sit still looking straight ahead but shaking from fright wondering what it was gonna do. It was the size of a football. Four pointed so bright white. Brighter than head lights turned on high. Well it zigzagged in front of me then to my side of the truck I locked my doors an rolled my windows up before it came to my side. Then it went up and down all the way around my truck like it was looking for something. Like it was x-raying the toolboxes. I watched from my rear view mirror as it went around to my passenger side.

But when it got their it zoomed back up so fast it looked like a star again I started my truck and it followed me home.

I called the police an one came. He took the report but the Ido was still looking like a star so nothing was done about it. I looked at the clock and it was two hours later than it should of been. I’ve always wondered if I was taken for two hours. I would be hypnotized if I could and a lie detector test.

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