UFO Captured During Sunrise at Oneida Lake, New York

UFO Captured During Sunrise at Oneida Lake, New York

Case File Information

Date of Event / Case File: 08/24/2016
Name of Witness: Paul Windhausen

August 24, 2016, approximately 6:30am

We rented a pontoon boat from Anglers Bay Cottages, Oneida Lake, New York.

We left dock before sunrise. We headed down the lake destined for our fishing spots closer to west end of the lake.

As the sun was rising we all began to capture some beautiful pics! The first picture I actually used on my Facebook wallpaper…. in this picture far left edge of the pic you will see the object I’m reporting.. it is only a part of a “UFO” …. I wish of course more of it were captured but it’s all I got. The next pic is a zoomed in “only” cutout of the object.

Enjoy!! You may use my full name in the report. Paul Windhausen 

The UFO Photographs



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