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Date of Event / Case File: 04/07/2016

The following was posted by, and used here for reference and research.
A Texan who happens to own a camera with infrared night vision also happened to see a UFO – specifically, a triangle craft of some kind speeding through the night sky. YouTuber SoliX says he only was able to see the UFO when viewed through his night scope. Also, while he claims to have seen orbs in the past (which he also hopes to get on camera), but this was a first:

Shot with Infrared Night Vision 3×12 scope.

3 lights, triangle outline moving across sky at a high rate of speed then fading out/cloaking out of view. NOTE: I could not see this with my naked eye, only in infrared through the scope. I heard no noises of aircraft or any other sound.

This is the FIRST time that I have seen a UFO personally in a triangular shape. I see orbs daily (weather permitting) and will be uploading some good stuff now that I have the IR/NV equipment.


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