The Henry McKay Confession Tape is an audio cassette tape from 1978 of pioneer physical trace UFOlogist Henry McKay talking about his experiences of being watched, stalked and harassed by authorities due to his UFO research involvement.

In this audio cassette tape Henry talks about his mail being diverted, his telegram being diverted, his telephone being tapped, men watching his house from their car, being chased down the highway by an unknown vehicle, police showing up at his door to harass him from a city over 3 hours away, army showing up at his investigation sites (Henry specialized in landing sites and physical traces), and the monitoring of UFO investigators and researchers.

Henry also mentions the Edwin Fuhr case (Regina, Saskatchewan) and that the police told Edwin not to say anything about his UFO sighting. He also mentions the Stephen Michalak case in Falcon Lake, Manitoba.

He also talks about Ground Saucer Watch attempting to take the government to court regarding harassment for investigating UFOs. He also talks about his long fight with the government to get the Joe Borda files from the government (over 10 years Henry tried) in Brantford when a UFO landed in a tobacco field.

It is not known who Henry was talking to in this tape. All that is known is that this conversation took place in a car in front of Henry’s home in Toronto, Canada in 1978. At around the 22 minute mark the tape goes blank, this is the way it is on the original tape and it is not known what caused this. Then around the 27 minute mark the tape cuts off as Henry is mid-sentence and then you hear Henry do a countdown of sorts. Then the tape comes back to the interview in the car.

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