The attached high resolution photograph (available for download below) was taken by Daniel Hellerman. It is archived here, with permission of the photographer.

This is, by far, the highest resolution photograph I have seen of the back gate.  And what’s eerie, is that it seems like the gate is unmanned (though I am sure it is), and there really isn’t anyone around. It’s like if you wanted, you could walk right up to, and walk into, the infamous “secret base.”

I am sure this gate is MILES from anything you could ever see, let alone actually reach, but I thought this photograph was fascinating, and gave a rare glimpse of something we hear about – but rarely see in such detail.

Special credit and thanks Mr. Hellerman for his permission to use this and archive it here on The Black Vault. Here is a bit of the backstory:

I drove out there September 7th I believe, the gate area was empty, we were able to walk right up and take pictures. Ended up going to the front drive to take more / do some astro photography and got checked out by the camo dudes.

Their cars are incredibly silent. Other sky watches / ufo enthusiasts cars made a ton of noise even from a mile down the dirt and gravel road, the camo guys got withing 15 feet in the middle of the night before I heard a sound.

Download the High Resolution Panorama

Download the high res (55,000×4000 @300dpi) Panoramic Photo (Please note: This file is 84MB in size)

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