Case File Information

Date of Event / Case File: 07/26/2016
Name of Witness: Anonymous


I am a grain farmer that was spraying a lentil crop for disease protection on the morning of July 1st 2016.

I noticed a neighbor spraying about 1 mile east-northeast of me. I was very concerned that the glyphosate which I knew he was spraying would drift onto another lentil field of mine causing severe damage.

I stopped my sprayer and used my galaxy cellphone to take a picture of him spraying just to have something to prove he was in the field that day.

Knowing that his sprayer may not show up too well in the photo I decided to take several pictures, probably all within a 10 – 15 second time frame, hoping at least 1 of them would turn out as desired.

When checking these photos I noticed only 1 of these photos had a strange object in the sky which appeared to have a very interesting shape.

I never noticed this object while taking the pictures. I can send you the other 6 pictures which show absolutely nothing in the sky, if you need them.

The pictures were taken through the side window of my sprayer, but I am convinced this object is not a result of anything on the glass in front of me.

The above case was submitted to UFO Casebook, and is used here with permission.


This photograph, unfortunately, is the highest resolution available.



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