Artist's rendition of this UFO Sighting

Artist’s rendition of this UFO Sighting

The following was submitted to UFO Casebook, and used here with permission:

I took my dogs out at approx. 11 pm. I always check the sky and a star-like object appeared west and slightly north, 1:30, to direct west.

I took out my phone and tried to take a picture.

The object slowly dimmed to black. I continued to attend the dogs. A few minutes later the object reappeared.

I tried to get a picture, but again it dimmed to black. I went inside and went to bed.

As I lay in bed the object reappeared.

I must say it was too close to the horizon to be a star. I took another look with binoculars. The object had a yellow glow when magnified.

After a few minutes it disappeared again. I checked a few more times but it did not reappear.

Object viewed about 20 or 30 mins.

It appeared to be suspended out over the Allegan County game area; a very remote and sparsely populated area. I didn’t think much more about it and went to sleep.

I just saw a sighting in California recently and it looked exactly like the object I witnessed.

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