Case File Information

Date of Event / Case File: 04/06/2015
Name of Witness: David Garrison

Original Photograph.

Original Photograph.

The following was submitted to UFO Casebook:

Morning Billy,

OK, here’s a new one for you. I have an OPENLINE member in the Fort Hill area of Carmel, Ohio (Hillsboro, Ohio) Old Indian burial territory.

She says they have UFO activity galore, and I’ve sent you some reports from her in the past. She is an avid sky-watcher, and loves taking pictures of clouds.

She was going thru a batch of recently developed pics and came across this photo. (It was taken ‘thru’ her windshield, but she claims there is NOTHING on her windshield that this could be.

She remembers seeing or hearing nothing when she took the pic.

Cropped and zoomed.

Cropped and zoomed.

Although it is elongated, it’s not ‘exactly’ cigar-shaped.

What do you think? I’ve been checking all our sources, and so far there are no other reports from that area for that time.

(Would have been Mon or Tues evening, April 6th or 7th.)


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