Sighting of unusual object flying over Crewe captured on camera

Sighting of unusual object flying over Crewe captured on camera

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Date of Event / Case File: 09/01/2013

IS THERE something sinister lurking in the skies over Crewe?

This picture was taken by 16-year-old Nassim Ahmed at around 8pm on Sunday evening. It appears to show a strange octagonal object jutting into the picture in the top right corner.

Nassim said: “At around 8pm today before prayer at mosque I was looking into the sky and I took pictures because it looked beautiful.

“As soon as I reached home I looked through the pictures and noticed that on one of the photos, in the top right hand corner, an octagonal object was there and it had very straight sides and light coming off it.

“The photo was not edited whatsoever and was taken during sunset. The thing in the sky looks like a UFO or something freaky. Everyone I’ve sent it to believes it’s a UFO.”



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