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Name of Witness: By Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos and Ole Jonny Brænne


By Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos  and Ole Jonny Brænne

Photograph, in the popular philosophy, is the best evidence to prove the existence of something, e.g. “a picture is worth a thousand words”. In observational sciences, astronomy for instance, photographic records are basic.

Hessdalen in Norway has produced innumerable eye-witness reports of anomalous phenomena, and is therefore an area of special interest. In addition to the human observers, there is a large amount of instrumented evidence, in the form of photography and video, either by persons or through automated recordings by on-site equipment.

In spite of a recurrent phenomenon photographed at least since the early eighties, surprisingly no one has decided to produce a decent inventory of all photographic and film evidence obtained over the years in this area.

We do not intend to produce such a long-awaited, exhaustive register of anomalous activity in Hessdalen; however with this catalogue we attempt to stimulate the interest of Hessdalen researchers to compile such a definitive work. Starting with data from the FOTOCAT Project and combining that data with documentation supplied with the cooperation of Ole Jonny Brænne, from local organization UFO-Norge, we test the possibility of creating a preliminary catalogue of all UFO occurrences reported in Norway. Although the present catalogue also collects the photographic events in Hessdalen (collated by performing a comprehensive, but probably not exhaustive, review of the literature), it is mainly targeted at the gathering of UFO reports in Norway, as far as pictures and films are concerned.

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