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I’m 25 years old, what I’m about to describe happened 8 years ago in July 2008

The reason I’m nervous for posting this and generally don’t mention this to anyone is because, quite frankly, it sounds ridiculous.

Anyhow, it was a warm evening, about 11PM. I should point out at this point I was living not far from Durham City, UK. My partner at the time and myself were laid in the back garden on some loungers having a few drinks and chit chatting ( most likely about TV or some other irrelevant topic )

I was laid on my back looking up to the night sky, not much light where I lived so we had an excellent view, one of the reasons we hung out there so often. I noticed a tiny red light, and by tiny I mean like a pin prick, almost as though it was a very distant star. I googled this and found a lot of references to Mars, Venus, satellites etc and thought nothing of it, although i remember thinking it was VERY cool to be able to see another planet with my naked eye.

Anyhow, as I’ve said we often laid there until late in the evening, so a few nights later i noticed the same red spot, however it looked much larger ( still very small though ) this time I could compare the size to your average LED light on your computer or TV or something. I was watching it amazed that i could see it, when ( this is where i sound like a crazy person ) it started shooting off red dots, very very small in size similar to the first night I saw it….. the best way I can describe it is imagine shooting a weapon and spinning in the same spot, that kind of rotary spiral effect I’m sure you could imagine. The smaller red dots seemed to be attached in some respect, shooting off maybe 40-50 in total, still spinning and then out of nowhere it disappeared, never to be seen again. I did film it but due to it being on my mobile it literally just turned out black so i cant back this up unfortunately.

So a week or two passed and I thought nothing more of it, completely pushed it out of my mind and forgetting it. The weird thing is I started to notice I was getting these intense headaches, and dreaming about this thing I’d say. I’m talking really weird dreams like I was there with this object but it was still really far away and I couldn’t see it, but I knew it was there, sorry I’m not describing that very well but that’s the best I can do.

About a month later, I was driving home from work, car died on me out of nowhere ( I actually crashed it, I was okay and the damage was minimal ) low and behold, whilst waiting for the AA to tow me home, I look up and I see it again

Unfortunately there’s no dramatic ending, I’ve simply never seen it again. I do live in a completely part of the country now, but this doesn’t correlate with not seeing the object so I don’t think its down to that. But yeah, I hope you enjoy reading my experience.

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