The following UFO sighting was submitted directly to The Black Vault by Trevor. It is used here with permission:

Hello, On 03.12.2015 my girlfriend and I were at the park flying my RC airplane, as I was flying I noticed a large glimmer of light off to my right in the sky, as I turned to look I got a feeling I can’t explain, what I witnessed was a massive craft that looked like the ship from the movie independence day, the craft had a cloud like substance around the bottom of it making it look just like a normal cloud from underneath but the top of the craft was clear, it had a transparent dome covering the top of it & inside of that dome there was towers the size of skyscrapers “it looked like a city” that had strange markings on them like hieroglyphs, on the back of the craft there was a large structure that was in the shape of a scorpion tail.

I pointed it out to my girlfriend and said look who it is, she said holy cow * it’s a UFO. We watched this craft fly silently and stealthy from Gresham, Oregon towards Mt.hood before it disappeared in the distance. I ended up reporting this sighting among many others to MUFON who came to my house to interview me and take copies of my raw videos, they ended up closing this case and marking it as unexplained. I recently filmed another much smaller UFO near this same location of a black orb following a airplane, I didn’t report this sighting to MUFON because I have reason to believe that their website is being watched by some other entity.

I did report it to my local airport “Troutdale airport” and long story short I requested information on obtaining radar data for the time and dates of both of these locations, the individual I contacted told me he would get back to me with the information but he never did, he did tell me that I would have to request it to the FAA, pay a data collection fee, and file a freedom of information act before I could get them. The next day after I spoke with this individual & after I gave him the times, dates, and exact locations of these sightings I had 2 USAF fighter jets fly very low and slow down over both locations I reported and then directly over my house very low and very slow. Anyway, I thought I’d share this with you because if you can somehow get the radar data for 03.12.2014 over Gresham, Oregon you will see a extraterrestrial spacecraft. Thanks!

PS. I have recorded countless UFO’s over my home and this location, watched wormholes appear that have red orbs fly out, crafts fly up out of trees, orbs shooting out smaller orbs & more. I am 100% positive we are not alone on this planet.

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