One still photo taken of the blinking lights.

One still photo taken of the blinking lights.

Description: I was staying at the Valley Motel in Room 24 on the end. I went outside to smoke a cigarette and saw a blinking light floating towards the road. I got my phone camera. I started the first video on the side of Jacksboro high to film the one.

Then I noticed as it went across the street there were a lot more. I saw one man walking across street and asked him what those were. He said they were satellites, but he didn’t know and walked off. I filmed the one that hovered above the street light. Halfway through the 12 minute video I got a chance to run across street and film the other half. I only filmed there that long because I was being yelled at by manager asking what I was doing.

I said you don’t see them? The poor old man couldn’t. He made me go in. I tried to upload the video, but it was too big by mobile phone so I went back out and saw took small couple second video and 3 stills. The manager said that the police were called because I was in the street.

I went inside. It was about 20 minutes before the police came and the video is not the best.

I was worried I was going to jail and looked over the officers and I saw one, and said look see it.

And they did look. They put in their report that I was looking at night sky. They left and I watched in the door for about 10 more minutes.

The manager made me go back in.

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