Case File Information

Date of Event / Case File: 09/07/2014

The following was submitted to UFOs NorthWest:

Location of Sighting: Prescott, Arizona
Date of Sighting: September 7 or September 14, 2014
Time of Sighting: 7:05 PM MST

Description: The witness called and report his sighting several months after it occurred. He had reported it to other UFO groups, but received no response. A clip of the interview with the witness is available above.

The witness felt compelled to go outside. He at once saw a bright white light approaching from the north. The light continued to grow in brightness and size.

The light then descended over the local airport. The object then made a right angle turn and start moving in the direction of the Highway 89A in the direction of Sedona, AZ. The witness’s neighbor also saw the object.

The witness then retrieved his binoculars and began following the object. The object then abruptly turned to red. Through the binoculars the object was inside a “red glow” and appeared to be “A-Frame” shaped. The witness said that he could see through the object.

The object was silent and skies were clear. The witness contacted the local Sheriff and local airport. He was told by both entities that no other reports had been received. The witness says that he still has recurring dreams about the object (9 months after the sighting).

The witness’s step father was an airline pilot and he was in the Air Force. He is very familiar with aircraft and does that believe that this was a “conventional” object.


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