The following was submitted by the witness, and archived here for reference. It may not be reproduced in any way, without permission.

It was the summer of 1964 at pre-Viet Nam War Clark AFB in Angeles City, the Philippine Islands. Two Airmen First Class, Charles Binion and I, are returning to work from our midday meal in the Airmen’s Mess. It is a hot, sunny cloudless blue sky day at about 1 pm as we walk somewhat ESE back to the radio shop in the hangar just off the flight line. The sun is high and a bit off the rear of our right shoulder.

As we are walking and talking, I notice a peculiar oddity off to our left in the area of Mt. Arayat (LLA: 15.20° N 120.742° E, 1030 MASL), about 10 miles or so away. There is a shadow column coming down on the left side of the mountain, but nothing in the sky to cause it! At that distance, the column appears to be like a ruler 2½- 3 inches wide with a very slight taper and 18 inches long, held at arm’s length, extending up into the sky. It was the opposite of a sun beam shining from behind or through a hole in a cloud, but the same shape. There wasn’t anything visible in the sky to block the sun or cause a shadow, especially with the sun being directly opposite the shadow’s position. There is a bit of a haze over the mountain from the remnants of the campfires of the headhunters and HUKS (Communist Party of the Philippines) that populate the mountain, which is Off Limits to military personnel. That made the shadow more distinct.

I call Binion’s attention to the column, saying “You see that shadow over there?” 


“On the count of ‘Three’, I’m going to make a lightning bolt go down that column.”

“No way!” “You’re crazy!”

“No!” “I’m serious!” Pointing to the column, I say, “Watch!” “One!” “TWO!” “Thr-KA -BOOOOOM!”

A yellowish, golden bolt goes right down the center of the column! I break out into a cold sweat and start shaking. Binion says, “How did you do that?” “I don’t know!” was my reply as we quickened our pace toward the hangar.

Once inside the shop, we did not mention what happened to anyone else. Also, we did not think of contacting the control tower personnel to see if they experienced the same flash or were able to see anything on radar in that area. I have no idea what caused the shadow and lightning or made me state what I did or controlled the situation. 

In recent years, I have seen programs on television where pilots relate of UFOs they were chasing disappearing in front of them or “cloaking” as in Battle Star Galactica or Star Wars. These programs also mentioned work being done with metamaterials that have an invisibility cloaking ability for the military.

I don’t know if Binion remembers this occurrence. He may be living in the El Paso, Texas area and working in photography, which was his hobby back then. He is my only corroborating witness. 

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