Letter from Dr. J. Allen Hynek to Henry McKay

Letter from Dr. J. Allen Hynek to Henry McKay

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In this letter, dated February 9, 1976, from Dr. J. Allen Hynek to pioneer physical trace ufologist Henry McKay, Hynek mentions setting up a CUFOS affiliate with Henry in Ontario, Canada. 

Four months prior, Hynek contacted Henry requesting he investigate the Suffern Three Mile Lake Incident where a UFO reportedly landed on a road and a creature was claimed to have been seen wearing a one-piece, silver-coloured suit with a white or light-coloured globe on its head. 

The letter is dated the year before the release of the Steven Spielberg movie, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, a term coined by Hynek which inspired the movie. 

Hynek handwrites the following note at the end of the letter, “Mimi and I will be seeing you on the 27th”. Mimi was Hynek’s wife.

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