The Extraordinary Equation of George Van Tassel

The Extraordinary Equation of George Van Tassel

The following video was obtained from Western University, and full credit is given to them for digitizing this material.  It holds the following caption/description in the library:

Jack Webster interviews California resident George Van Tassel, who claims to have been visited by aliens on flying saucers that used anti-gravity technology. During the interview Van Tassel discusses the formula for time travel taught to him on a visit to a UFO, and its relationship to the Earth’s magnetic field. In later years Van Tassel would be known for the Integratron, a large dome-shaped rejuvenation device he only partially completed in the California desert prior to his death in 1978.

Additional information is as follows:

Original Film Format 16mm
Digital Format DVD copy converted to MPEG4 (Medium Quality File format) using Dazzle Convertor and Pinnacle Studio software.
Date of Digital Object 2011-07-29
Length 24 minutes
Language Materials entirely in English.


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