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Date of Event / Case File: 06/01/2007


Three white powders originate from three different and bizarre events that occurred in a Bosschenhoofd, Holland field June 27-29, 2007. The objective is to identify the white powders. A brief synopsis of the events follows.

  • Sample S-#1 (Circle 3) June 27-28, 2007: On the evening of June 27, 2007 Robbert van den Broeke sensed a crop formation was about to occur. He went to the perceived field with two witnesses. Arriving in the field the witnesses felt some ‘unusual’ energy. Robbert separated from the witnesses.They noted that his silhouetted figure disappeared, and simultaneously a ball of light (BOL) appeared in front of them. It did several permutations such as becoming a dotted ring, continuous ring, and finally becoming a BOL again. Then it went out, and in the same location, Robbert appeared.Where he had been standing a 3-meter diameter circle appeared with a powder in the center.



  • blankSample S-#2 (Circle 1) June 28, 2007: On the afternoon of June 28, 2007, Robbert revisited a crop formation dubbed “Celtic Cross” which occurred on June 21, 2007.He also had a premonition that this would form before it did.He then visited another formation and returned. In the center circle of the Celtic Cross formation was a deposit of white powder. It was not present earlier in the afternoon.




  • blankSample S-#3 (Circle 4) June 28-29, 2007: On June 28, 2007 Robbert received another intuition that a new crop formation was about to occur.He arrived at the field with five witnesses, which included family and friends. Robbert left the group and wandered near the tree line. There he saw a distorted figure (like air-distortion), which was not human.The witnesses did not see it. Robbert ran back to the group.

    The group approached the area where the figure had been observed.

    There they found a dumbbell-shaped crop formation.


  • All three white powders are composed of the same material. It is identified as basic magnesium carbonate with the following approximate chemical structure: (MgCO3)4•Mg(OH)2•5H2O. A very small amount of calcium carbonate may also be present. This material is identical to a white material related to a BOL observed in Hoeven, Holland (August 2, 1997).
  • It is unknown why this material appears after these bizarre events. Known uses for basic magnesium carbonate follow3: magnesium salts; fireproofing; heat insulation and refractory; rubber reinforcing agent; inks; glass; pharmaceuticals, dentifrices and cosmetics; free-running table salts; antacid; making magnesium citrate; filtering medium. It’s used in foods as a drying agent, color retention agent, anticaking agent carrier.
  • No radiation above background or fluorescing material was detected.

The Analysis

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