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Please note: I did not edit for grammar or spelling. This is the description which appears with the video:

Oddesy High Schools Cross Country Team was running by Hollydale Park on Southgate Park CA While i in my Boredum had been waiting for 30 minutes attempting to see a Ufo through Ufo Contact *the telepathic attempt to contact a higher conciousnouss to make itself visible to our perceptual range of reality* so keep in mind for 30 minutes i had been sitting alone bored waiting for a ufo to show up, and as soon as they cross country team stopped by to take a breather next to where i was sighting they decided to show up. the time was 4:30 and i had spotted the sighting above the power lines as they usually like to do so we can easily see them and point them out, because of this i was able to spring into action and begin recording the Ufo with our Channels Camera Hubert Cumberdale, as i start recording this anomaly the highschoolers begin to look for what i am recording, i point the object out to them inbetween the view of the power lines and they begins to shout out one by one *oh i see it!* i knew from the moment the ufos showed up that they had done it just to show these teenager kids for i have seen them hundreds of times so they know they dont have to show me anything everytime i ask but when someone new is aroud they love to show up for them so i may see them freak out over their first ufo sighting haha. seriously tho i do believe they do that after the pattern i have seen over the years with their tendency to show up when newfies*new to ufo sighting* come around. its a big reason i enjoy the ufo events we host so much to see the public react when they first see a ufo and have their mind expanded by the first experience knowledge of their existance.

The second Ufo Recorded that day was seen by me and my two friends from highschool Albert Cosio, And our Friend Juice *thats what he goes by lol* we spotted two but where only able to record 1 of them, the object you will see has a tether so i was hesetant to post it till i saw that the object had a second orb that would appear in the video during review so with that evidence caught on tape i decided to proceed presenting the evidence on why this object is an anomaly. you can hear us in the backround of the video discussing the Ufo as we witness it. the object we were not able to record however was much more interesting, it flew in an impossible flight pattern for our planes to fly it first flew straight then went up and down continously with ease till it diapeared into thin air. i know alot of people like to think of ufos as flying saucers or pyramid motherships / crafts/ships of that nature but we got to rememer that ufo stand for unidentified flying object/anomaly so dont discredit something because it doesnt look like what hollywood has trained you is a ufo, look at the evidence consider all the facts and if it cant be identified then admit it like a true scientist and not through any random theory at it that doesnt explain the object at all. please do real research and try to debunk this we need to take this subject seriously so we may show the world their is something out their above our understanding of science and reality which we must study if we ever want to learn how they can defy our laws of physics so we may be able to replicate it ourselves Thanks to Charter High Schools aweoms Cross Country team for allowing us to interview you guys about the ufo you witnessed!

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