Case File Information

Date of Event / Case File: 04/15/2015
Name of Witness: dodgec24

The following testimony was submitted to The Black Vault regarding a UFO sighting over New Hampshire:

I live in New Hampshire I was driving home from work tonight and saw a strange formation of lights in the sky. I would like to preface this story by saying I am a commercial pilot with 450 hours. The lights that I witnessed in the sky were not normal air traffic they behaved quite the opposite.

At first I saw a bright orange light and I thought it was a meteor but it had no streak. It accelerated very quickly from the southwest towards the northeast. I then saw two other strange orange lights come into focus about 5 miles to the northeast of the original light. I knew then it was not a meteor. The lights then began to dance around the sky for a few seconds and then disappear… as I continued to drive I called Boston center to see if they had any military exercises to the north since we have a military training area in the north.

No activity was reported tonight. After I hung up I drove for another 7 miles or so and the lights appeared again this time to the northwest of my location and they were flying in tight formation traveling towards the earth at a tremendous speed and then disappeared. If anyone else has seen these lights please tell me I’m not crazy.

After asking for further clarification, the witness added the following:

I was in Loudon driving on state Road route 106 from Concord, NH where I work. I saw the objects about 1 mile south of the new Hampshire motor speedway initially and again in belmont nh which is about 5-7 miles from the original location. The objects were in a very tight formation the second time and appeared like flares coming out of a military aircraft. That’s why I thought the military was doing training but the objects left no contrails like flares normally would. When they appeared again when I was in the town of belmont, they were accelerating towards the earth at a very fast rate. I would say around 8000 feet per minute and they appeared to be at a very high altitude. I would estimate 70-80 thousand feet. The second time I spotted them they were only visible for a very short time maybe a second at the longest. As an aviator I am very interested in these topics can you tell me where you are located? Maybe I can help with some of your cases I don’t consider myself an aviation expert but I do have a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical science and a solid understanding of aerodynamics.


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