The following was submitted to UFO Casebook:

I had just got off work at 8:00 PM Central Time and headed across town to get home. I hadn’t eaten dinner yet so I stopped at Sonic Drive-Thru to get a bite to eat and had just pulled around to get my order when I noticed a really bright light hanging relatively low in the sky.

I would have passed it off as a plane or a helicopter, but it was exceptionally bright, so I kept my eye on it. I started noticing it to move in erratic patterns, so I knew it couldn’t have been a normal aircraft.

I got my food from the window and pulled out of the drive-through and pulled over to the side of the road and watched it and noticed it was changing colors, changing trajectories, and exhibiting behaviors similar to other UFO sightings I had seen on the web, so I pulled out my phone and recorded it for about four and a half minutes.

During this time period, it started high in the sky, and was emitting a greenish-blue light, that turned to a solid blue. It would stop, then flash a really bright white light, hover momentarily, then disappear.

It then appeared in a different location, this time emitting a vivid red light. It flashed a bright purple light, turned red again, then quickly moved across the sky.

It then changed to a bright white-green light, and seemed like it was floating down similar to a feather falling, then started to rapidly descend. It hovered just above the treeline, then disappeared below my line of sight.

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