Flying Car shaped UFO, South Yorkshire, England, 09/10/2016

Case File Information

Date of Event / Case File: 09/10/2016
Name of Witness: Anonymous

It was captured just past 2.00pm on 09/10/2016 over South Yorkshire, England in the UK. Just had a feeling to look up and saw this incredible flying car shaped UFO, flying overhead in a straight line so we got our Panasonic HCV-550 video camera and using the 90x intelligent zoom, captured it.

The UFO seems to be shaped like a car with 2 protrusions at the front of it. It seems to have a protrusion at the back with something dangling down from it.

It seems to have a blue panel at the upper back. At first we thought it was a balloon however it clearly seems to be a solid object with edges to it which is something balloons do not have and also, it could not have been a kite as it was not a particularly windy day and also we saw it flying in a controlled fashion and it seems to remain horizontal.

Also, it does not seem to be a drone due to the shape and also no rotas are visible.

Special thanks: ETsAreAmongUs



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