Family See White Rectangular UFO Hovering in Blue Sky

Family See White Rectangular UFO Hovering in Blue Sky

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Date of Event / Case File: 03/29/2015



Description: I was driving home from my overnight shift. The sky was beautiful blue and there was not one cloud. I couldn’t help but notice a large bright white rectangular object in the sky beyond my home. It simply hovered. It didn’t move at all. Both my son and daughter witnessed it as well. By the time I went to grab a camera to take a photo the object was gone. I have never seen anything UFO related before and this was quite impressive. I am trying to find others who may have seen it as well.

More Information Supplied by Witness: The experience was very surreal. To me, one couldn’t help but notice this object. As I stated, the sky was very blue with no clouds which made this object stand out. At first glance, I must admit that I thought it was a blimp, but it was not. And it wasn’t “cloud white,” but brighter. It was completely rectangular with a section atop on the left side that appeared to be square with an arched top (sort of a “Lego” block appearance). Stranger still was the fact that it wasn’t moving at all. It was completely stationary. My adult son saw it while taking the dogs out in the morning, and my adult daughter saw it while returning home from the grocery store. I didn’t think my iPhone would capture it very well, so I went in my home to grab my Canon camera and zoom lens. By the time I returned outdoors (approximately 3 to 4 minutes) it had simply vanished. I looked all around, but couldn’t locate it anywhere in the visible sky.

It is very difficult to believe that nobody else saw this. However, I have posted on Twitter and Facebook with no responses. If it had just been me, I might question it, but all three of us witnessed this very large object.

It is certainly something that we will never forget, and I know that I will forever wonder exactly what it was that we witnessed.



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