A witness experienced a close contact with a UFO in Buffalo, Oklahoma on May 18, 2009 at 12:30 a.m. Excerpts from the Field Investigator’s report follow.

5/18/2009 Sunday about 12:30am. facing west

  • Witness first noticed that lights were flying very low (going way to slow to be an airplane) and appeared to have just flown over Buffalo
  • Witness described object with blue, red, and white strobe lights (were large and in line with each other) with quite a bit of distance in between all three. The middle light was white and strobe very slowly, and the red/blue lights were on the ends.
  • The lights turned and were coming directly towards witness at a diagonal angle, the white light was covered with a round, concave, clear, glass-type covering which appeared to be very thick glass, and had some type of circular design on it.
  • The red and blue lights were different than the center light. They were tall and cylinder shaped, more like beacons, and they appeared to be sitting on top of something, and appeared to be covered by a different type of material, it looked more like some type of colored plastic, but transparent enough that the lights underneath could shine through.
  • Witness never saw a shape or even any type of structure behind the lights.
  • Within 10-15 seconds the lights had reached the dirt road in front of witness, and where crossing over the top of the power lines. It became apparent that the lights were slowing down as they got closer, and were now nearly at a complete stop.
  • Witness ran from the corral to pickup and jumped inside, which took about 15 seconds, (wearing flip flops) Once in the pickup truck witness was now facing north, and the lights had moved just behind the corral and had turned south, facing witness again. THE LIGHTS WERE SITTING COMPLETELY STILL, HOVERING, ABSOLUTELY NO MOVEMENT, other than the strobeing white light. The distance from witness and the lights at this point was estimated around 150′.
  • Witness thought it was a single craft, and judging by the distance of the lights from end to end, would have been anywhere from 40-50′.
  • For about another 5 seconds witness fumbled trying to find cell phone, and staring at the lights in disbelief.
  • Witness indicated this was the most terrifying moment she ever experienced.
  • Witness drove forward, and got to the gate leading out of the pasture, stopped looked over shoulder, the lights were still sitting in the same place, NOT MOVING.
  • Witness couldn’t go towards town without passing close by the lights, so turned south. (And laid the pedal down).
  • About a 1/4 mile down the road, witness turned and looked over shoulder, and the lights were nowhere in sight.
  • Witness indicates behind the corral a large portion of the grass is laid down, and Witness took some pictures of that area.

Investigator Narrative: 5/29/2009

Arrived in Woodward OK. At 2:30 PM CDT. Woodward is 35 miles South of Buffalo OK. This is where the sighting took place. Contacted the witness and made arrangements to meet at the site. Arrived on scene at 5:30 PM CDT.

Upon meeting the witness her sincerity and creditability was very evident. So was her fear and apprehension. It appeared that the witness experienced something traumatic. Introductory discussion ensued followed by site evaluation. Initial photographs of the affected area were taken and measurements of that same area were acquired. As darkness fell it became apparent that a lot can be seen in the dark sky and the witness appeared nervous over every moving light but all observed that night was explainable.

Initial evaluation of the site showed a definite disruption of the area where the alleged Craft hovered or landed. The entire area appears dead with three areas where the vegetation is crushed in a swirled pattern. A scan using a handheld Geiger counter showed no abnormal reading and no evidence of radiation. Photos were taken and clearly show the condition of the affected area.


Arrived at the site at 10:30 am. This investigator chooses to arrive early so as to collect samples and specimens alone. Samples of the affected grass were taken as well as control samples from an area about 200ft. removed from the subject area. The same procedure was used to acquire soil samples. Investigator then proceeded to the witness home to begin the formal debriefing. Following a detailed discussion in which the witness repeated the events sited in the background report and also revealed her growing sense of apprehension we proceeded back to the site to attempt a video interview and to acquire additional video of the area of concern. We also wanted to take specimens of the anomalies on the horse’s coat.

Everything was accomplished with the exception of the horse samples. Seems they were not willing to return to the corral until their nighttime feeding. That necessitated another trip to the field tomorrow. Arrived back at the motel at about 6:00 PM.

It should be noted at this time that the area (Buffalo, Oklahoma located in the county of Harper) is completely surrounded by hundreds of wind turbines. These things seem to be constantly working.”

The objective is to examine soil and grass samples from the site to determine whether there are any anomalies that may be related to the event. Above are photographs of the samples.

The Analysis

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