I just woke up and I had the most intense dream my recall has ever experienced. I tried to talk to my guy about it and I hope he doesn’t think I’m crazy.. The dream I had was unlike any I’ve ever had- first off, I was naked- and it wasn’t an issue- usually I’d be freaking out the whole dream about clothes.. Not this time. It is super long so I’m just going to cut to the chase.

It was my friends birthday and so we went to a fancy restaurant for her birthday- got a deal on a $200 bottle of coconut wine… Finally left there and me, her and some other female I don’t remember we’re running through this parking lot in the rain playing and I had a large kitchen knife with me (I’ve been using this knife a whole lot to cut avocados over the past month) I had it on my person- no intention at all of using it.. We take a few silly pix and then I look into the sky and there is a brilliant UFO unlike any I have seen in pictures- it was pointed and looked almost like a carnival ride- the colors were rainbow rolling and illuminating the entire craft and it had a point at the end.

The craft was in an isosceles triangle shape and was colored yellow and white. It had a white side piece, or wing maybe with holes on it.. I may actually paint it soon.. When I saw it I grabbed my friend and was like, “Erika! Look! Please record this so I can see it later!!” I was in awe. I could feel the energy coming from the craft so I asked it with my mind to come to me.. And waved it over almost like I would my cat.. And the energy of it’s demeanor was that of a deer… So I was expecting it to flee.

To my surprise it didn’t, It looked fairly larger in the sky- but it came down to me and the feeling I had from it knocked me off of my feet. From that moment my friends were no longer present with me. It let me in it’s personal bubble of energy as it came to where I was- the feeling I had in intensity was comparable to childbirth. The only actual feeling I’ve felt like it was being electrocuted but less intense- I could handle it, it was just very strong- like almost losing your mind on a drug but forcing yourself to put your experience over the negative matter.

It was beautiful.

I still had my hand reached out completely captivated by its presence and there was a small screen on the creature/craft before me. It had the colors on the screen like random color boxes like in a TV when the channels glitch but through it I could see a face. Small and frail with sunken in eyes and we looked at each other and I felt I needed not to explain myself- it was far more complicated than myself.

I then wondered if I was being abducted and didn’t care- I was in the moment which during it felt timeless- and the feeling I had during that time was a completely telepathic experience. I knew what I had to mentally do to communicate, but it was difficult.. Like I had done it before, but not in a very long time.. just as quick as it came it left. I had a moment of questioning what I was experiencing and with that, it withdrew.

My dream continued and I went to bed and woke up late in my dream. I asked myself if I was late for work and then realized that I suddenly didn’t care. When I woke up after everything I was pouring with sweat and shaking like I did while in labor with my children. (That’s the only other time I’ve had shakes like that)

Something came to me and now I feel like I need to do something but don’t know what. I wish it would come back to me in my wake so I could have both sides of consciousness to put these puzzle pieces together.

It knows my intention now and I wish I could share my intention with everyone so they could act and live with love. Our planet needs it.

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