Disc-shaped UFO Photographed over ‘Ruta Sur Cerrito’

Disc-shaped UFO Photographed over ‘Ruta Sur Cerrito’

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Date of Event / Case File: 03/19/2015

Original Photo - Unedited (Highest resolution available)

Original Photo – Unedited (Highest resolution available)

Note from The Black Vault: This case is circulating on the internet as Ruta Sur Cerrito, Mexico. Other sites have it in Argentina.  I was not able to find reference to that city in either Mexico or Argentina. If anyone can clarify this, I would greatly appreciate it! 

Day – March 19, 2015 12.30 pm approx. I finished my lunch after a morning of work and I had a few minutes to shoot pictures on the Ruta Sur Cerrito.

I spotted this object clearly from the patio of my casa.

I had taken about 150 pictures and I started to go over them to see what all I had.

The object I captured on photo is not conventional, has considerable size and was flying a route from south to north.

Photo is somewhat fuzzy, object perhaps is circular (ovoid) and has in the top center of what appears to be spheres or colored balls.

I am leaving the decision on what this is to those who study these things. The location is west and somewhat north of Mexico City.

Material de Ruben Latuf Irsiger



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