Black triangle pumping out smoke that went on for miles

Black triangle pumping out smoke that went on for miles

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Date of Event / Case File: 12/23/2013

I first noticed cloud-like straight lines in the sky, perfectly spaced apart like a grid. I was at work at this time. When I got off about an hour later I drove a couple of miles, not only were there still there, but there were intersections. I was going to my friends house in another town, at least 15 miles away and the whole way the clouds/lines stretched across the sky.

When I arrived at his house I caught glimpse of a solid black triangular object with smoke pumping out the back of it. I watched it for a little while, and managed to get videos and pictures of the whole phenomenon on my ipod.

As I was on my way back home I saw a perfect circle in the sky in between two of the lines, and it was massive.



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