The following was submitted to The Black Vault directly. The video and photographs are property of the witness.

This Sat. 10/3 our Tucson UFO group all witnessed this UFO at 11 PM over the Catalina Mtns.  but well up in the sky.  We had 7 witnesses.  Gene Coleman had purchased a Luna Optics camera and he was at the ready to video this but my camera was put away at this time.  

The YouTube video posted by the eyewitness holds the following description:

This moving object was seen over the Sabino Canyon area N.W. of Tucson AZ. It was about 75-80deg up (facing north-west) from the paved tram road about at approx. 150 yards from the visitor’s center. Unlike the flasher on my previous video, this one moves much like a satellite.

Do you have a theory of what this might be? Satellite? Plane? UFO? Post your thoughts below.

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