Case File Information

Date of Event / Case File: 05/04/2005


The background as described by Del Anderson follows:

“A friend of mine who is versed in Ufology had an unusual experience recently, about the middle of Feb. 2005. He lives in SC at present. He was having trouble with a sore nose and when he came out to the living room on the morning following the evening he was having trouble he found a triangular piece of material on the floor, directly below where he sat that previous evening.”

A photograph of the triangular object next to a ruler follows:


The objective is to identify the above material.


  • The object found on the floor is identified as a man-made polymer. Specifically the polymer composition is identified as polycarbonate + poly(styrene:acrylonitrile:butadiene). This shows the object is not an alien implant.

The Analysis


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