Analysis of a Specimen Purported to be a Skin Fragment from a Reptilian Type Creature (Event Date: January 2, 2008)

Analysis of a Specimen Purported to be a Skin Fragment from a Reptilian Type Creature (Event Date: January 2, 2008)

Case File Information

Date of Event / Case File: 01/02/2008


The background of this event as reported in an e-mail (3/11/2009) from Derrel Sims follows:

“At approximately 2:40 am, January 2, 2008 two Leyton, UT men (ages 23 and 32) were startled by a commotion outside their home, approximately ¼ mile south of Hill AFB. Simultaneously, both of their cell phones rang and caller ID indicated “unknown”. Both men left the house and were surprised to find two sets of footprints in the 8” deep snow.

Seven were approximately 2.5 feet long, with no entry or terminal prints, having three toes resembling a lizard track. The other set of footprints (also with no entry or terminal prints) resembled deer tracks without the dew prints. The men took several photographs of the prints using their cellular phones. One of the tracks contained a small piece of what appeared to be skin.”

The object is to determine the nature of the specimen found in the track. Following is a photograph of the sample:


  • Analysis of the specimen shows it is of plant origin. It is similar in composition to a decaying leaf, i.e. decaying vegetation. Specifically, it is composed of a major amount of natural glycerol ester, some carbohydrate, and some protein-type material. The brown spots on the specimen appear to be fungal material.
  • The claim that this is from a reptilian creature is unfounded because the specimen originates from plant material, not animal. Also, cold-blooded reptilian type creatures would not be expected to be wandering around in mid-winter and in 8 inches of snow. Because reptiles are cold-blooded, they cannot regulate their body temperature. So, they would become inactive and hibernate.

The Analysis



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