Analysis of Shiny Particles Purportedly Falling from the Sky MUFON Case File: 55131

Analysis of Shiny Particles Purportedly Falling from the Sky MUFON Case File: 55131

Case File Information

Date of Event / Case File: 01/21/2014


A witness claims to have seen a vortex in the sky from which shiny particles fell onto his property. This occurred in Newtown, Pennsylvania on January 21, 2014.There was no mention of an unidentified object observed. The objective is to identify the shiny particulates.


  • The shiny particulates are identified as common glitter. They are composed of a man-made common polyester specifically identified as poly(ethylene terephthalate). Glitter is commonly made from this polyester.1 This conclusion is confirmed by both microscopic and infrared analysis.
  • Analysis of the soil was not done because of the positive identification of the particulate as a man-made product. Furthermore, there was no observation of an UFO so no physical evidence commonly observed when these craft are in proximity would be detected. However, the soils will be permanently stored for possible future analysis if it becomes warranted.

The Analysis



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