The following information was provided by Kathleen Marden.

“The twin sisters involved in this case report that their contact experiences have been occurring since childhood, when “bald men” would enter their bedroom and carry them off during the night. They described the beings as diminutive figures with oversized craniums and black glistening eyes. From age 5, the girls filled notebooks with sketches of the “bald men”. When they were old enough to write, they documented their experiences in notebooks and diaries. Their experiences have been investigated by various researchers dating back to the 1970’s, in the Bridgewater Triangle of Massachusetts. There is evidence that early investigators believed in the veracity of the case.

Kathleen Marden began her case investigation in 2008, and in 2010, submitted a tooth and vegetative matter that was found on the elder twin’s bedroom floor, following an alleged experience. The witness reported that she had awakened during the night and observed a non-human entity at the foot of her bed. She stated that she thought her dog had bitten the intruder and lost a tooth in the struggle.2 The tooth turned out to be a puppy tooth and the vegetative matter could not be connected directly to the intruder.

Marden (MUFON ERT Director) participated in the investigation of another incident, involving the same twin, in January 2013, in conjunction with MUFON FI Valerie Schultz (Now NH MUFON Director). It is listed as a Category 3, CE4 in MUFON’s case files. The witness reported that she believed she had been abducted the previous evening around midnight after she was awakened by a light that filled her bedroom–the type of familiar light she observes prior to an abduction. She immediately perceived the onset of paralysis throughout her body. Her next memory was of experiencing a falling sensation and dropping onto her bed. She discovered that she was bleeding and, the following morning, was taken to the hospital and treated for substantial blood loss.

Since 2013, the witness has sent Marden photos of unusual marks on her body, fluorescence on her body following a consciously recalled event in which she thought her injured knee had been healed, a photo of what the experiencer suspected was an implant traveling up her arm, a photo of a glittery substance that she said appeared on her skin, sofa and coffee table during an interview that took place at her mother’s summer house, and reports of other unusual activity at her mother’s summer home. She also submitted photos of close-up unmarked black helicopters that she states hovered low over her home on mornings after her abductions. This case is mentioned in “The Alien Abduction Files” by Kathleen Marden and Denise Stoner (2013).”


This particular event involves both 42-year-old twin sisters. The names in this report, except Denise Stoner (Investigator of the twin’s abduction experiences), are kept confidential. It took place in September 2015 in the home of the twin’s mother which is in southern Maine near Oxford. It was break time for a filming of a TV show for a Japanese production. Multiple witnesses saw a white material which appeared to materialize on the twins’ faces and arms, on the sofa, and on the coffee table. Following is the detailed description of the ‘materialization’ in Denise Stoner’s own words.

“The home has what I would call – two small living rooms. I was in one that was close to the kitchen. I was sitting in a chair facing the other room where the twins were sitting on a sofa facing me. There was a coffee table in front of them and a few other small tables in the room also. (twin’s Mother) was sitting on the sofa in front of me and did not see the substance until her daughter came into the room and sat down next to her. I was watching the filming of the interview and questioning session but not listening because (mother) and I were talking. I noticed one of the (twin 1) pointed at the coffee table and then a member of the film crew pointed at the twins. I don’t recall which one had the largest amount of the “stuff” on her. On the coffee table, there was a mound about 3 inches, from my perspective, tall and like a small mountain coming to a point at the top. From where I sat it was whitish in color. I kept my eye on it when I believe (other twin 2) came in and sat down next to her mom. She was covered with this white, glittery, plus some other substance. It was on her hair, clothing, face, hands, and so on. She brushed some of it off but it did not come off easily.

It was really stuck to her. I got up and from my purse, I took an empty amber-colored medicine container (I carried clean ones just in case I wanted to collect evidence of some kind) removing the cover. ‘Twin 2’ was already gathering some things to collect samples and talking about what to do. I can’t recall if another friend had arrived – I’d have to look up his name but he said he wanted a sample. I used the container to scoop some of the substance into mine and held it up so I could see it was half full (about a heaping teaspoon). I placed the lid on and taped it shut with scotch tape. I then went into the kitchen to get a baggie, put the bottle in there, zipped it shut and sealed it with silver duct tape. I then put it upstairs in my carryon luggage and locked it. When I arrived home, I put the bag in our safe.

I want to say that I did pick some of this up from the table in my hands and sorted it out to see what it looked like. At the time, what I discovered in my hand was – several octagonal shaped (tiny) pieces of glass like substance with an opal-like color to them. Also, there was a pure white, very soft, powdery “stuff” that was not rough to the touch but did not feel like your normal talcum powder either. It appeared more cottony/fluffy to look at but very tiny and almost as it wanted to stick together. There were darker shiny pieces of tiny rock-like items that seemed to be just that. Then other grainy items that could have been sand but I’m not sure and there wasn’t much of it. In the thimble full I put in my hand, I did not see any sticks, leaves, or other of that type debris. It could be the heavier material had fallen to the bottom though. The twin’s mom did not move from the sofa. She more or less felt what was on her daughter and watched from her seat on the sofa. If she collected any, it was not something I witnessed.

It was quite a while later, maybe 2-3 months, that I decided to take it to a meeting where I knew there would possibly be a couple of scientists attending. It was my meeting and Kathleen (Marden) was going to be there. I was particularly interested in doing this (hold the meeting) because another individual, who lives near me, had been having a white substance appear in her living room and was going to bring some of that to compare with what I had. I had requested that anyone who would like to, and had an unusual item, to please bring it to the meeting. I don’t recall how many others brought something but there were perhaps 3 or 4. I removed the tape from mine, took the medicine bottle out and removed the tape and cap. I tipped the container over onto my hand and nothing came out. I looked inside and was totally surprised to see there was not a sign anything had ever been inside. I handed the container around the table for everyone to see. I don’t recall exactly when I did this but at one point, I scraped the inside to see if I could get at least a tiny bit of what had been in there as a sample. It was clean. I have no explanation for it.”

The sample that was submitted to this laboratory was collected by ‘twin 2’ and stored in a plastic bag which is shown below. This did not dematerialize. The object is to identify the white substance.


  • The white material is mostly composed of clear platelets which are identified as glass. A smaller amount of powdery particulates are also glass. These materials appear to contain a small amount of quartz. There are trace amounts of environmental debris, thought to be contamination introduced when the sample was collected, which consist of: insect exoskeletons, plant particulates, possibly calcium carbonate (a common soil mineral), and an ester containing material which is not specifically identified.
  • The visual appearance of the white material seems similar to clear glitter and confetti. However microscopic examination, along with infrared analysis, clearly rules it out as source of the white material. Both are polymers identified as polystyrene (glitter) and poly(ethylene terephthalate) (confetti).

The Analysis

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