Analysis of a Foreign Material Found in the Body of a Possible Abductee

Analysis of a Foreign Material Found in the Body of a Possible Abductee

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Date of Event / Case File: 04/04/2002


In 1992 an unknown object was found implanted in the body of a man who has had a history of unusual and bizarre experiences involving strange entities. It should be noted that a few years previously this individual had surgery. The object is to identify the object.


1.) The object is totally composed of polystyrene. Very trace amounts of elements such as zinc, aluminum, silicon, gold and copper are suggested.

2.) Polystyrene is a common, man-made polymer with numerous uses. It is speculated that it may be a part which broke off a surgical instrument. The rough appearance of the flat end seems to substantiate this conclusion. The trace elements are contamination.

3.) A seam observed along the side of the 4 by 2.8 mm object suggests it was manufactured by a molding procedure.

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