1993 UFO Sighting in Calaveras County, California

1993 UFO Sighting in Calaveras County, California

Case File Information

Date of Event / Case File: 01/01/1993
Name of Witness: Claudia Hillman

Witness Contact E-Mail: [email protected]

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Witness Testimony

On a remote biker trail in Calaveras county,  California, my 2nd husband and I had taken our Jeep into a very remote and treacherous area usually used by bikers.  We were the only people for miles. We arrived at our camping spot right before dark.

By the time we unloaded and set up out tent etc,  it was very dark. We saw 2 ships close together and close enough to us that we could see them clearly.  Both ships we’re just hovering quietly. They we’re shooting beams if light back ad forth to each other. We wondered if they we’re sending supplies or some kind if fuel back and forth.  This continued for about 2 hours.  My husband and I just watched in amazement. It was getting late and we were getting really cold.

My husband made a big campfire without thinking.  As soon as he lit the fire the ships took off. We are divorced now but he can verify this sighting.

Claudia Hillman



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