Little Grey Alien Captured Near Window, Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic

Little Grey Alien Captured Near Window, Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic

Case File Information

Date of Event / Case File: 07/13/2013
Name of Witness: Anonymous


The following case was submitted to The Black Vault. The witness wanted no notoriety, money or attention, but rather, wanted to share their capture. The Black Vault makes no claim on what, or what this is not, but is archived here for discussion.

The witness submitted the following: 

“Photo was taken randomly, my ex girlfriend was just taking photo of me – only one photo was with “window” and there was this little grey alien.”

After a follow-up, the witness confirms that what you see below is the highest resolution available. 

They also state, when asked why they feel it is an alien, or they feel an alien presence around them, specifically, my question was. “Do you have any history of alien encounters, or believe you’ve been abducted, etc? Just curious why you felt there was an alien outside your window (other than the photograph)?”  Their answer, edited only for some spelling:

“I saw them many times in windows, moving from left to right, blink their eyes but I think its just a dream or my eyes are bad.
Many times I heard strange sounds of footsteps on the floor and none was there – also we have new windows (no old flat) so there is quite from outside – it have to be someone in the room. One night I woke up and heard the same footsteps and breathing – I wait till my GF will be trying to wake me up and tell me. She woke up and was scary if I heard the same and I told her that I heard same… That was the moment when I realized that I am not just crazy. There exists people who can see/hear same things. Also my dad and brother expirienced same with greys. Strange thing is that my mom never realized that there is something unusual – She is not interesting for them I guess.
BTW I can write a story which was most terrifing what I experienced.
My story started a few years ago, i.e. 2012. I will tell you one of my terrifying story.
I went to gym with my friend as usual, after 20-30 minutes of training I change the fitness machine. I was working hard on that machine when I got unbearable pain that I almost faint. My friend drive me home, I took shower and go to bed with same pain – I was thinking to go into hospital but I was also so tired. I felt as sleep and I had most live dream which I remember even after 4 years. I opened eyes – I was lying on some table and see the grey alien which keep strange “laser pen” which he was moving near the injured area (over my genitals). I was not able to move, my hand/legs were totally stunned, I could just move my eyes. I was thinking in my head following “stop, leave me alone” (in my language, Czech). He turned to me, blink black big eyes and in my head I hear “don’t worry, we want to help you” (also in my language, Czech). Then I woke up totally sweaty and no pain I feel. Also I have scar on that place and when I touch the area its like there was a long needle applicated.
I have more stories like that. I never trust that in could be real, but the alien on the photo was exactly same what I saw in that ‘dream’.”


The Photograph

The “Analysis” Photographs

The following photographs were also submitted by the Anonymous witness, to better show the being and the outside of the apartment building.



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