The TBV Investigations Team

September 16, 2020: This project has been temporarily put on hold until further notice. I am eager to start up the project again with investigators and researchers, but will need a dedicated team to pull it off. Will post at a later date when it’s time to bring it back. Until then, I will continue posting my own investigations.

In November of 2017, The Black Vault launched TBV Investigations.   Led by John Greenewald, Jr., The Black Vault’s creator, TBV Investigations is a culmination of researchers and investigators from around the globe – to tackle the case files submitted to The Black Vault.

Once your case is submitted, you will be contacted by an investigator about your sighting, possibly do a recorded phone interview (if you are comfortable with that),  maybe visit you for a face-to-face interview (if you are comfortable with that) and even conduct a field investigation while collecting samples, if your case requires it.

Or, it can be completely anonymous, and we will just take what you submitted and use only that to create your case file.

Report a UFO / Encounter

Below, you will find a current list of our team members, and their various roles. Their contact information is available below. We ask that you respect their time as well, and contact sparingly.  Everyone you see listed here are volunteers, and they work on cases when time permits, so it may take a few days to get back to you.  Urgent matters, please call 1-800-456-2228 x4 (or 1-818-655-0474 x4 for International callers).

TBV Investigations Founder

John Greenewald, Jr. (CALIFORNIA)
The Black Vault / TBV Investigations Founder

[email protected]

John Greenewald, Jr. began researching government conspiracies at the age of 15. For more than two decades, he has turned his popular website,, into one of the internet’s premiere resources for officially declassified U.S. Government documents, totaling more than 2,000,000 pages. Greenewald is also a television producer, having helped create a variety of programs for outlets such as the History Channel, National Geographic Channel and the Discovery Channel, and has been a guest on hundreds of radio and television programs throughout the globe.

In December of 2017, he began the TBV Investigations project to bring together and help coordinate the research and investigation of cases throughout the globe. Below, you will find a selection of the growing team members for the group.  Are you interested in joining? Contact John at the email address above.


Senior Case Managers

This level requirement will be announced at a later date.

Case Managers

Case Managers will take on cases generally on their own or as a part of a collaborative effort and a team.  Case managers will submit at least 12 case reports per year, or an average of one per month.

Case Handlers

Case Handlers will take on cases generally on their own or as a part of a collaborative effort and a team.  However, their volume of cases is less than 1 per month average, like “Case Managers.”  Their work is equally important as the above level, however, volume may be less or “Case Handlers” have recently joined the team and are working their way to the above levels.

Scientific Consultants

Our scientific consultants are there for our Case Managers and Case Handlers to coordinate with.  They have a proven track record in various fields of science, and have volunteered their expertise for TBV Investigations.



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