From the Desks of Project Blue Book: Project Blue Book Case File Photographs, No Descriptions or Captions


The following documents were collected by UFO Investigator Rob Mercer, and digitized to preserve their history.

These documents are part of the “From the Desks of Project Blue Book” Archive.  Rob Mercer offered the following note with this collection:

“John, this file contains images that have no identifying marks on them. Some may be known by people well versed in Blue Book, but at this time I haven’t had the time to research.

As you see, the photo titled PBB office is not to interesting except for the fact that it may be one of the few images from inside the Blue Book office.

The image titled B-47 Tail is a photo that intrigues me. It was a Kodak slide that was in an envelope wrapped in a tissue. All that was written on it was “B-47 Tail”. Marano was unaware of it and I have spent considerable time looking for its case with no luck. There are multiple b-47 cases in blue book, but none with photos. Through internet searches, I have dated the age of the slide to be between 1949 and 1957. This puts it in the time period of the RB-47 multistate event of July 1957. Though it is most likely a glare and probably not involved with this case, I believe it is unseen by the public before. If you have any thoughts or ideas of someone how knows more about the case let me know. Thanks”

These are the photographs in the collection, which have no identifying marks or descriptions. Know one of them? Help identify them, and we will caption the photo with credit to you.  Contact The Black Vault.

Photo Archive

Download The Uncaptioned Photo Archive .pdf [24.1MB]

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