UFO sighting in the City Centre, Brisbane Australia

Case File Information

Date of Event / Case File: 04/18/2013
Name of Witness: Ben

The following case was submitted directly to The Black Vault, and is used with permission. It was submitted by the witness’ wife.


Ben was busking on the Victoria Bridge when he noticed a strange object hovering silently just above (less than 100 feet) the Cultural Centre. He describes it as looking like a cross between an insect and the moon lander and the size of a helicopter.

It moved out silently towards the river before flying higher, moving behind a building.

When it reappeared it seemed to have changed shape – resembling a long, thin construction crane shape. It then evaporated into thin air.

Aside from the strange sight Ben also remarked on the public’s (and his own) reaction to it. He’d stood gobsmacked watching it before realising he had his camera phone out and he could be filming it. Everyone else walking across the bridge totally igored the strange object, even when Ben was obviously watching it. Ben thought that usually, if someone is gawking at something in the sky, people walking by would check out what he was looking at.

No one seemed to be interested, which he felt was very odd. Despite it obviously being there (as caught in the video) no one else seemed to notice it, even when it was much closer before he remembered to film it.



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