Two witnesses observed barbell-shaped UFOs dispensing white filament-like material. The account as written by the principal investigator Bill Schroeder follows.

“On November 4th, 2016 the Investigator was contacted by witness 1. He advised that he and witness 2 had observed a number of Barbell shaped objects in flight over his dwelling. The object first observed was silver metallic in color and 20 to 30 inches in length. When first observed the object was at rooftop level or about 35 feet over his head. The object was moving silently and laterally towards a small lake just south of the dwelling. At the time of the sighting witness 1 was in the company of witness 2. Witness 1 noted that there was no visible means of propulsion observed and no sound detected. As the object arrived to the center of the lake it stopped moving laterally and began to rise. As it started to rise it began exuding a white filament like material. The material was very fine and stretched all the way to the ground. After it had risen to several hundred feet is was joined by more than 12 other like objects that seemed to be circling it as it continued to rise. At this point in time the white material was spewing from the devices in such quantity it looked like rain. The objects rose together into a clear sky until
they were no longer visible.

The white material that had fallen remained visible in trees for about 24 hours before dissipating. When witness 1 contacted the Investigator, he was requested to get samples if possible. The witnesses were able to obtain some samples of the material. Witness 1 also sent an email report of the sighting. Witness 2, who is a professional artist, painted a picture that depicted the sighting. The material was collected using a clean shish-kabob skewer. At the Investigators request the samples were placed in paper and plastic bags. The samples were sent to the Investigator via USPS Priority mail with tracking.

The samples arrived intact on November 9th, 2016. Upon arrival the envelope was opened by the Investigator who was in the company of a second Investigator. The package and enclosed samples were photographed by the Primary Investigator. The samples were then placed in evidence bags and bottles by the Investigator. The bags and bottles were then sealed and initialed by the Investigator. The arrival, repackaging, and sealing of the evidence was recorded on video tape for later review. Witness 2 painted a picture that re-created the scene at the time of the sighting. A scan of the painting was forwarded to the Investigator. A partial jpeg image is included with this report.

The evidence was placed in a safe at the Investigators residence. Part of the evidence was later sent to Robert Powell and Phyllis Budinger for examination and lab testing.

Witness Information:

Witness 1 is an adult male. The witness has been in the aviation industry for more than 30 years. He has designed military and civilian aircraft systems over that time. He is familiar with aircraft propulsion systems and overall designs. He has a PHD level of education related to the industry. This individual has been personally known to the Investigator over 40 years. Witness 2 is an adult female. The witness is a college educated professional. The witness is also a well-known artist (painter).“

Following is a picture Witness 2 painted of the event;

This analyst heard about the incident from Robert Powell. He was sending the material to another lab and asked my opinion on which tests he should request. This analyst asked for a sample after having analyzed a number of ‘Angel Hair’ samples over the years.1 I desired to compare it to these previous samples especially since very credible witnesses saw the material being spewed from UFOs. I felt the identification of this material would be a clue and a step forward in understanding the UFO phenomenon and its purpose.

The objective is to identify the white fibrous material, compare it to samples from previous events, and offer speculations as to the reason for the UFO dispersions.


  • The analysis shows the white filament like material is primarily a biologically derived silk typical of that produced by spiders. Additionally present are very small amounts of celluloidal material, i.e. plant derived substance, possibly inorganic nitrate and an unidentified rust/red material. It is unknown if these additional materials are part of the original composition or contaminants.
  • The fibrous spider silk compares to other purported fibers, aka ‘Angel Hair’, analyzed by this laboratory and other laboratories. Other laboratories have done very credible research and issued extensive reports involving spider silk fibers that fell concurrent with UFO sightings. (See page 10 for a partial listing.)
  • The above identification is particularly exciting because the UFOs’ deposition was observed by multiple, very credible, witnesses. Spider silk has definitely been identified/linked to UFOs. This is an important clue.

The Analysis

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