Analysis of Foliage and Soil Samples Related to the Sightings of Orange and Blue Orbs (Sutton Farm, York, Pennsylvania, July 18, 2013) MUFON Case: 50797

Analysis of Foliage and Soil Samples Related to the Sightings of Orange and Blue Orbs (Sutton Farm, York, Pennsylvania, July 18, 2013) MUFON Case: 50797

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Date of Event / Case File: 07/18/2013


A resident of Sutton farm observed an orange orb almost land in a bean field. Two days later a nine foot circle appeared in the field with the foliage flattened out. No significant radiation was detected at this site. That same night the witness also observed a blue orb directly across from her house in a wooded area. It did not touch the ground, but hovered in the trees. A slightly elevated radiation reading was noted at this site. The object is to determine whether there are any anomalies in samples of soil and foliage gathered from the two sites.


  • The wooded area, blue orb site does have an anomaly. The soil contains burned vegetation. Its origin is unknown. Other substances common to soil are also detected such as: quartz, olivine-type mineral, another mineral, amide (animal derived material, maybe mold). Substances detected on the leaf foliage from this site consist of: insect droppings, calcium oxalate, mold, natural plant ester, possibly inorganic nitrate. It is unknown if the calcium oxalate, and possible inorganic nitrate, are abnormal at this site.
  • They are commonly found in nature. However, this analyst has also noted they are present in many samples in contact with UFOs.
  • No unusual anomalous materials are detected in the bean field orange orb site. Common materials are found in the soil such as: quartz, natural ester (like balsam), another mineral, olivine-type mineral, amide(animal derived material, maybe mold). The foliage contains usual substances which include: calcium carbonate, calcium barium carbonate, mold.
  • A sampling protocol should be established for collection of soil and foliage samples that come into contact with orbs or UFOs. More site samples and control samples should have been collected. The soil and bean foliage samples from the bean field orange orb site (A) could be compared to the control samples from the edge of the field (B). However, the control samples could not be compared to the soil and foliage from the wooded area (C). Another control, at minimum, from the wooded area near the C site should have been collected.

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