Analysis of Soil Samples Related to a Calf Mutilation in Depuyer, Montana (Discovered October, 2007)


A calf was found mutilated in the southern (inside) rim of a 33 ft. circle of dirt on October 2007 in Depuyer, Montana. The dirt was hydrophobic, and the stubble inside the circle was flattened. The rancher reported he found the calf the morning after an evening of rain and snow. The ground around the circle was muddy, making walking difficult. However, the dirt inside the circle was firm. The soil seemed to have a glossy surface that repelled the raindrops, and was of a lighter color than that of the surrounding area. The object is to determine whether there are any unusual materials in the soil.


  • Besides normal soil components, four samples contain less than 0.5 wt.% potassium nitrate. These are from 1’ south of the calf, 10’ north of the calf, 15’ north of the calf and 25’ North of the Calf. The sample from 25’ north of the calf contains less nitrate than the others. No potassium nitrate is detected in the soil 10’ south of the calf. The nitrate may be imparting the unusual properties observed in the circle soils.
  • There is a possibility that the source of this material may be from fertilizer. The fertilizer used by the farmer is 10 (nitrogen) 42 (phosphorus) 10 (potassium). However, no phosphorus is detected, and this is in higher concentration in the fertilizer than the potassium. This might suggest the potassium nitrate is from another source, which remains unknown.
  • Common uses for potassium nitrate, besides fertilizer, are: pyrotechnics, explosives, matches, reagent to modify burning properties of tobacco, glass manufacture, tempering steel, curing food, oxidizer in solid rocket propellants.1 Also, it is commonly used as the main component (usually about 98%) of tree stump remover; it accelerates the natural decomposition of the stump.
  • Normal levels of magnesium are in all soils. This is a common element found in soil minerals. This comment is included because of a theory by the submitter that magnesium may be a component of UFO craft propulsion.

The Analysis

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